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Organic Seed Kits

Organic Seed Kits

Organic seed kits contain everything you need to start your organic garden. Eat healthy with homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Plant heirloom seeds which retain healthy plant characteristics across plant generations using open-pollination and non-GMO qualities.

Survival Seed Kits and Seed Vaults

Survival Seed Kits & Vaults

Prepare your garden for the worst with survival seed kits. These seed vaults will last for many years under the right seed storage conditions.

About The Organic Seed Report
We Help Organic Gardens Thrive!

The Organic Seed Report

We bring organic seeds together with the knowledge you need to successfully plant your garden. This combination allows us gardeners to live happy, healthy lives while helping our plants do the same as we enjoy the non-GMO fruits and vegetables from our labors. Check out the seeds, planting resources, gardening guides, and other green thumb tips as you plant, tend, harvest, and replant your garden plot year after year.

- From our garden to yours

Our Organic Seeds!

Organic Seed Packs

Organic Seed Kits

Shop organic seeds and organic seed kits. These certified organic vegetable, fruit, and herb seeds will spruce up any garden plot, greenhouse, or planter box.

Heirloom Seeds for Planting

Heirloom Seeds

Shop heirloom garden seeds. Heirloom seeds are great to planting when you want to take advantage of healthy, home-grown non-hybrid food.

Survival Seed Kits and Seed Vaults

Survival Seed Kits and Seed Vaults

Prepare to feed your family during disaster with survival seed kits and seed vaults. These are a great way to keep and store seeds for survival.

Bulk Organic Seeds

Bulk Organic Seeds

Stock up on bulk organic seeds. Find organic seeds by the pound along with complete garden seed stashes which have everything you need to plant.

Sow Organic Seeds In Your Garden

Our Featured non-GMO Seeds!

Organic Seed Planting Kits

Prepare For The Worst With Seed Vaults

Food means life or death in survival situations. Growing your own food sustainably is a huge lifesaver, literally! Plan ahead to start your emergency garden and prepare with a survival seed vault.

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Learn About Planting Tips and Selecting Seeds

Great gardening and growing comes with practice and doing the right things when you need to do them. Learn more about tending your garden, planting organic and heirloom seeds, growing seasons, and more by visiting the link below. See you at the gardening plot! Don't forget your hat and gloves.





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