David’s Garden Seeds Tomato Beefsteak Orange Heirloom SL9227 (Multi) 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

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Check Out David’s Garden Seeds Tomato Beefsteak Orange Heirloom SL9227 (Multi) 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds. See Great Heirloom Seeds By David’s Garden Seeds.

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Heirloom Seed Product Details:

David’s Garden Seeds Tomato Beefsteak Orange Heirloom SL9227 (Multi) 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

Heirloom Seed Product Features:

Harvest in about 75 days
Seeds are Non-GMO, easy to grow and hand packed by David’s Garden Seeds in the United States of America
Amazing goldish orange color that always makers a big hit at the market
Can grow up to one pound
Germination rate about 80% or better
Beefsteak Tomatoes
An American Favorite
Strong tomato taste
Perfect size and flavor to compliment many dishes
A Flavorful And Robust Type Of Tomato
Brandywine has been a favorite for the lunch/dinner plate in America for over a century now! This large, delicious variety of tomato is perfect for burgers, steak sandwiches, and more!
Lots Of Varieties To Choose From
With such a large selection of varieties to choose from, you’ll have decades of fun trying new types each year!
A Great Experience In The Garden
Beefsteak tomatoes are relatively easy to grow, and for the work put in you’ll be satisfied with their deep flavor when you enjoy the harvest!
Many Unique Colors
Beefsteak tomatoes can be found in red, yellow, orange, green. and even purple! Make your garden into a colorful world of deliciousness!
Four Beefsteak’s To Try
Tomato Beefsteak Orange
These giant orange beefsteak tomatoes have great flavor and are capable of producing fruits up to a pound. Indeterminate. Great for soups and sauces.
Tomato Beefsteak Believe it or Not
Believe It Or Not produces large, sweet, and juicy fruit. Just the right size and taste for sandwiches. Indeterminate.
Tomato Beefsteak Darkstar
A unique, purple colored tomato. Great usable yield potential as well as good defenses against things that would ruin it.
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
This tomato was produced in West Virginia. It provides a good juicy flavor and has a beautiful appearance for your garden.
A Great Fruit To Add To Your Garden
Beefsteak Tomato will be a great addition for your garden this year, and a great addition to your meals! Enjoy this classic and get ready for a rewarding experience!





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